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DirecTV is the biggest satellite TV Company in the U.S., having 16 million subscribers, and is rated second in customer satisfaction of all satellite cable TV companies. DIRECTV Satellite TV was founded in 1994. It is the oldest satellite Television Company in the USA. It also offers the best deals as far as satellite television in the U.S is concerned. DirecTV provides access to over 265 satellite TV channels, 160 high-definition channels, 70 XM/Sonic Radio channels, 60 pay-per-view films per month, as well as 10,000 streaming videos. After you buy a DirecTV package, you get a free satellite system, which consist of a Genie receiver, in as many as 4 areas of your home, and you also get free installation. The Genie allows you to record 4 programs simultaneously, record three TV programs while enjoying a live show, and you can also rewind, pause and fast forward live TV programs. DirecTV's Best Deal DirecTV's most affordable program package is the Entertainment package. This package goes for $29.99/ month for over 140 satellite TV channels, free HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime for three months, and it also comes with On Demand streaming videos for 3 months also. Additionally, it includes your local Television channels, free HD for life and its set up is free. Features Here are the features you get when you order DIRECTV: Free DIRECTV satellite TV receivers/decoders , plus universal remotes, in up to four rooms in your house (approximately $399 value). Brand new 100 % free DIRECTV satellite dish (a $199 value) . Free professional set up of your 100 % free DIRECTV system, plus personal instruction on how to operate it (a $199 value). • Quick installation- your satellite TV will be set up within 24 hours, not one to three weeks as with some other cable TV companies • A Free DIRECTV DVR (digital video recorder), so you can record your favorite programs and stop and replay live TV (a $199.95 value, a $7 mo. DVR support applies). A free HD receiver or HD DVR reorder so you can watch and record all of your TV shows in high-definition ($10 mo. HD access fee applies) Your choice of 265+ program channels including: movie channels, sports ,fashion, news  pay-per-view films and events, politics, and commercial-free music channels 160 HD channels for the sharpest image available DIRECTV all-digital or HD image plus CD-quality sound. Your local TV channels broadcast in digital and HD format. Access to up to 60 pay-per-view movies per day. Up to 84 commercial-free satellite Radio stations with high quality sound. Toll-free, 24/7 customer support.
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Directv is the oldest and biggest satellite TV provider. Click here to get DirecTV service.

Dish Network

Dish Network is the fastest growing satellite TV provider and has the most channels. Click here to get Dish Network service dishNet dishNet is Dish Network’s high-speed Internet service with some of the best prices around. Click here to get dishnet Internet service
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