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dishNet If you reside in a remote location where DSL high-speed internet isn't available or stable, the only real option you have to acquire high-speed internet is by satellite. The question then becomes which satellite company will give you the fastest speed plus the most reliable internet service for the lowest price. Dish Network launched its high-speed Internet service, known as dishNET, this year and since then it has become a success story to people and the company itself. Here's a review of the services they offer. When you buy dishNET service you will be given satellite dish and a satellite modem. Your computer will forward a signal to the modem which will send out the signal to your satellite dish whenever you log on to the Internet. That indication is sent to a satellite that bounces the signal to a receiving station. When a website is located, the signal is then sent from the receiving station, to the satellite, then down to your computer system. How much does dishNET cost exactly? dishNET fees start at $39.99 monthly when included with Dish Network TV systems and service, or $49.99 without their service. Just how fast is dishNET? DishNET download speeds are up to 10 Mbps -- that is about 100 times faster than normal dialup service! Is It Possible To get satellite service in my area? Regardless of where you reside in the U.S., you can get dishNET, high-speed service. All you need is a clear, unblocked view of the sky. What are Data caps? Data caps are the month-to-month data limitations that you are allowed to upload and download to your pc. What are dishNET's Data caps? Depending on the plan you buy, the data caps are 10 gigabytes, 20 gigabytes, and 30 gigabytes monthly. Can I check the information I used? You can check the data volume you've used by going to and simply clicking on the Usage icon. What will happen after I exceed my data cap? Once you exceed your data cap your download speed will be throttled down until the next month. Can dishNET hit you with data over usage? No. dishNET doesn't charge extra for exceeding your data cap. Is there a way to add to your data cap? Yes. You are able to upgrade to a higher-speed service How about client support? Customer Service dishNet assistance support is available 24/7 days by phone, chat, and e-mail. Summary You don't need to struggle with erratic, slow, and frustrating internet service any more. You can get all the advantages of dishNET service at an affordable price.
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Dish Network is the fastest growing satellite TV provider and has the most channels. Click here to get Dish Network service dishNet dishNet is Dish Network’s high-speed Internet service with some of the best prices around. Click here to get dishnet Internet service